Friday, August 19, 2011

Past Quilts that have a story....

I have made alot of quilts over the years, but here are a few with some stories...

I made this block for my Round Robin in quilt guild, Piece by Peace last year...I love the pattern, but not the colors. Needless to say it's still a single block all of its own. This block is called stained glass by Jinny Beyer I wish I would have ordered the fabric line she had for this specific block, plus I had to cut the block down probably by 75% to make an 18 inch block for the center of my round robin.

Here is the block I ended up using for the Round Robin...Everyone that participated in the round robin used the batiks and made stars, I have to make more blocks to finish the quilt. When I get it done I will have to share it with everyone. I love the blocks that were made and the colors.

My Grandma made a quilt for each of her grandaughters, when she finished one she had enough left over material to make another quilt, I helped her make the first one at our annual 'quilt retreat'. It's put together like the 'Trip around the world' and when I had the four sections of strips laying on the floor, I picked up one set and I somehow flipped it around so when I was done sewing it, it was sewn together just like the one oposite to it. So I had to unpick, if you knew me well, that's one thing I hate doing. So I sat there and unpicked like 19 rows and mummbled under my breath the whole time.  Grandma laughed and said "I am glad I am not the only one that does things like that". Because I helped her she gave me the left over fabric and I got this quilt...I still need to quilt it, but I love the colors Grandma picked out, they went together well. I loved the border fabric she used and when I got mine done I needed to do the outside of it so I went to the fabric store and no matter what I tried to put with it for the borders (pink and green) I just couldn't get the fabrics out of my mind that Grandma the end I picked the same as hers, but I put the small strip of colors and extra pink border in mine.

I made this quilt for my husbands cousin that needed a kidney transplant, her cousin provided the kidney and they had a fundraiser to help with medical expenses for both of them. They asked me if I could donate a quilt for them to raffle, I was just finishing this quilt and it was hard to let it go, but it was for a great cause! She had the transplant and is doing very well. (right)

Okay that's my sharing for today, of course I have alot more and perhaps I will share some blocks I am working on for my BOM I have to do in our guild this upcoming year. Happy sewing everyone and thanks for checking out my blog and for all the wonderful comments!


  1. You have some beautiful quilts here, Charity. I especially like the one you donated for the raffle--those are my kind of colors.

  2. Charity, I love your quilts. Interesting story about the kidney quilt. Jen's aunt Janice won it and then ended up donating it to another fund raiser in Elko. So, it helped more than one cause. The kidney is doing great. It's almost been three years now and Jen is on only a 1/4 of the meds that she started out on. Thanks for donating such a lovely quilt.